R&D Team Leader
(greases & lubricants)

A modern laboratory and pilot plant at your disposal – Technicians to assist you – A free apartment for six months – Early weekends – Unique career progression opportunities

Why so much? 

Because when it comes to industrial lubricants- whether they be fats, oils or greases- you really know your stuff.

Because one of the leaders in the field of industrial lubrication is looking for a research and development leader that delivers results.

Is that you?


The company

Olipes has been a pioneer in lubricant technology since 1993, excelling in product innovation and quality across global markets. With a state-of-the-art facility in Spain, the company manufactures a diverse range of products in 75 industries and operates in over 45 countries. With a production capacity exceeding 20,000 t/year in lubricating greases and 100,000 t/year across various product lines, Olipes is dedicated to sustainability and efficiency. Thanks to its dynamic work environment and privileged resources, it is definitely the place for taking your career one step further.

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The essentials are:

    • Minimum of four years’ proven experience within an industrial lubricants context
    • University degree in chemistry or a related discipline
    • Knowledge about the manufacturing process of lubricant greases and tribology
    • Ability to work independently and yet also be a team player
    • Flexible, practical and above all an enthusiastic attitude
    • Good communicator as you’ll be expected to work alongside and in conjunction with the Quality Control personnel
    • Ability to be on site five days a week 7am-3pm Mon-Thu and 7am-2pm on Fridays
    • Willingness to push beyond difficulties to deliver genuine results
    • Native or near-native Spanish language, with excellent English; French would be beneficial though is not essential.

What's in it for you?

Apart from early weekends, support technicians, a furnished apartment that’s rent-free for the first six months, health insurance, performance bonuses, training where necessary and even personal development opportunities, there’s a fixed contract on top and a competitive salary. Not to mention the many career progression opportunities waiting for you.

The work environment is sociable, responsible and productive, with frequent new challenges and opportunities to apply your knowledge.  The company also has a lovely holiday accommodation in Cantabria for the use of employees.

What's in it for them?

The company funds a number of community projects in disadvantaged areas of the world- so your work not only benefits the company and yourself but also helps build a better future for others.  The world is more interconnected than ever and you can be a part of that sunrise beyond the horizon for people you’ve never met.

Next steps

This is the fresh start you’re looking for.

To find out more about this rare opportunity, contact Manolo Castellano on LinkedIn, by phone at +34 623192540, schedule a call or write to mcastellano@talentocientifico.com

Lubricants R&D Lead OLIPES
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