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Head of Research (Plant Pathology)

ANOVE is a private, non-profit association established in 2006. It is the association made-up of around 60 private companies and public centres dedicated to the generation of added value in the food sector through research, breeding and development of new plant varieties.
Our mission is to represent the plant breeding sector, defending at the same time the interests of consumers, farmers, and rural regions. We contribute to the development of the sector through collaboration with public administrations along with academic and scientific institutions, representing different sectors of agricultural production and consumers. In addition, ANOVE genuinely believes in the crucial role of research and innovation for the development of its sector.

We are looking for a Phytopathology Head of Research to join our team in Madrid (Spain). The new Research Director will help us to A) establish laboratory methods of diagnosis and detection of plant disease in seeds, B) coordinating national and international technical teams and C) transfer the knowledge obtained by educating and providing technical support to companies in our sector as well as the public administration.

The candidate must have demonstrable research experience in plant disease research as well as significant interest in coordinating international groups. This is a hybrid, multi-tasking role including laboratory research, multi-institutional work and effective communication with stakeholders. This role requires both long-term planning and vision as well as short-term project management skills.


• Stay up to date on developments in the plant disease field.
• Conduct laboratory research on pathogen detection in seeds.
• Lead experiments for diagnosis and detection of viral and bacterial infection in seeds.
• Coordinate international groups in order to unify methodological protocols.
• Lead on research grant discovery, grant writing; eventually co-author research papers
• Build relationships with stakeholders (associated companies, collaborators and public administration).


About you
• Demonstrated experience in the plant disease field through technical experience or academic research (PhD required) in plant pathology, seed phytopathology and classic microbiology.
• Significant interest (experience a plus) in the development of methods of pathogen detection in seeds.
• Proficient in desk and bench research, experimental design, funding proposal application and statistical analysis.
• Leadership role; eager to build, inspire and motivate a small team.
• Interest in technology transfer, agriculture innovation, plant breeding and food security.

Skills and Attributes
• Capable communicator both internally for smooth interpersonal/team collaboration, as well as externally (associated companies, public administration).
• High English level both written and oral.
• Flexible, conciliatory and objective-oriented attitude.
• Demonstrated ability to work in teams and collaborate successfully - not only produce independently.
• Self-motivated, resourceful, dependable, proactive; execution and solution-oriented.
• Organizational skills for oneself and team: time management, ability to independently prioritize, plan, set and meet deadlines, manage multiple workstreams.
• Knowledge of next-generation sequence (NGS) technologies, biostatistics as well as classical microbiology (isolation, inoculation, pathogenesis testing, etc) will be a plus.


Our offer:
• Base salary (depending of experience).
• Full-time permanent position.
• High flexibility in working time management.
• Principal investigator role in a small research group.
• Exciting research environment in our laboratory located at the Instituto Nacional de Investigación y Tecnología Agraria y Alimentaria- INIA in Madrid.
• Unique knowledge-transfer role as the scientific liaison between the plant breeding sector and the basic research environment.
• Leading role in the international R&D plant breeding community and high visibility in the plant protection sector as a privileged partner of private companies and official laboratories around the world.

Our values:
We believe in innovation, responsibility, transparency, leadership and compromise. ANOVE wants to contribute to our society through plant and seed innovation allowing agri-food sustainability and rural development.
Besides your knowledge, skills and experience, we want you to share our vision.


Please apply if you think you are a good overall fit, even if you do not have all the requested skills, attributes or relevant experience.
You can contact for further information (info@talentocientifico.com / Phone: +34 623192540 )

(+34) 623192540

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